Special Cylinder

We at Creintors are specialized with Design, manufacture, supply & commission of customized, non standard hydraulic cylinders.

Non standard design which we cater usually demand:-

  • Irregular shapes
  • Space constrain with high loading
  • High operating pressure
  • Harsh environment
  • Inbuilt operation safety features

Mounting Brackets

We design, manufacture, supply & commission the total system and take turnkey contracts. The cylinder mounting brackets & frames are designed to meet the site requirement.

Hydraulic Power pack

With demand from our customers for total system requirement for specific applications, we today take up powerpack manufacturing. We have a dedicated specialised team which caters this demand.

High end application power pack with servo-controls or proportional controls along with total system integration is our speciality. Power packs also sometime come up with a need of system oil temperature control mechanism and remote control panels using high end communication protocols and codes. Petroleum industry requirements are also catered by us, where explosion proof protection class components are only to be used.

Gland Kits

Hydraulic cylinder gland service cartridge kits contain a replacement gland fitted with standard wiper and rod seals, plus a gland/head O-ring seal. Supplied ready to fit, gland service cartridge kits reduce machine downtime and avoid the risk of seal damage during installation of seals into the gland grooves.

Piston Kits

Hydraulic cylinder piston service kits contain a full set of piston seals, plus replacement body end seals. We manufactured to the original specification and guaranteed to fit precisely, minimise machine downtime, restore performance and match the long service life of the original parts.

  • 25 ~ 63.5mm (2.5") bore
  • 01 ~ standard seals, mineral oil, -20°C to +80°C temperature range