Gear Coupling

We offer a wide range of Gear Couplings that is manufactured using state-of-the-art machines and latest technology. The perfect transmissions flexible gear couplings is distinguished by mechanical flexibility. The compensation of misalignment of the connected shafts is done automatically without any loss of transmitted power while running. Our range of Gear Couplings is in great demand because of following features:

  • Ensure greater flexibility
  • Efficiently designed tooth formation

We customize our range of gear couplings as per the specifications of our clients and if required dynamic balancing and heat treatment is also done over these couplings.


  • Bigger Bore Capacities
  • Greater Torque Ratings
  • Excellent Misalignment Capacity

Gear Couplings:

  • The gear coupling consists of two hubs with external gear teeth that are attached to the shaft
  • A hub cover or sleeve with internal gear teeth engage with the shaft hubs to provide the transmission of power
  • Lubrication of gear teeth is required.
  • Coupling assembly should have minimum 6mm of axial displacement
  • Hardness of gear teeth<45Rc (Rockwell)
  • Coupling guards should be air tight

Torsional Tuning

  • Shifting of one or more torsional natural frequencies of a coupled system to avoid system resonance at a known excitation
  • Torsional tuning is accomplished by varying the torsional stiffness of the coupling


  • Allows freedom of axial movement
  • Capable of operating at high speeds
  • Low overhung weight
  • Good balance characteristics.
  • Long history of successful applications


  • Requires lubrication
  • Separation of greases into soaps and oils
  • Centrifugal effect on oils / sludge formation
  • Temperature limitation due to lubricant

Base Frame

We design, manufacture, supply & commission for frame to meet the design requirement.

All design loads motor generator max reaction force, dead load, transportation and handling load etc are considered for design.

We have proven skill and facility to manufacture small to large size base frame meeting the design requirement.

Our Expertise

Laser Alignment:

We have facility to do onsite alignment of equipment to be coupled , laser alignment tool as well as manual dial gauge alignment tool are available. We reconfirm the correctness of alignment by vibration analysis method.

Alignment Report:

Vibration Report:

Locking Device

      This friction type locking device allows easy, strong, and secure connections between shafts and hubs without backlash.

      Locking devices are unique keyless, frictional shaft-hub locking devices which provide an easily-adjustable and releasable shrink fit. Advantages: Elimination of keys and keyways on both shafts and hubs No backlash - completely tight fit around the shaft Unaffected by reversing, dynamic or shock loads. Easy assembly and disassembly. Ease of axial and angular adjustment or timing.


      With this design the Safeset pressure ring plays no active role in the torque transmission. The ring merely exerts a static radial force onto a torque transmitting connection sleeve, pressing this against the shaft or shaft sleeve. Thereby higher dynamic bending moments and radial forces can be transmitted by the Safeset.

Shear Pin

     This is a age-old cost effective method of limit the maximum of transfer & protecting the gear train.

     The material of transmission and geometry of pin is designed that the failure is only for over load torque and not due to fatigue.